Interactive command execution in Vim.
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In first, you get vimproc from git repository.

Next, make external dll " vimproc_win32.dll, vimproc_cygwin.dll)". Because vimproc depends on " vimproc_win32.dll, vimproc_cygwin.dll)"'s function, vimproc echo error message when "" don't exist.

Note: The vimproc_cygwin.dll compiled in Cygwin can't work for Windows Vim.

Supported platforms:

  • Windows 32/64bit (Compiled by MinGW or Visual Studio)
  • Mac OS X (10.5 or later)
  • Linux
  • Cygwin
  • Solaris
  • BSD (but cannot check)

Not supported platforms:

  • Android (may work but no support)
  • Other UNIX platforms

Below is Make command.

  • Windows using Mingw(32bit Vim): $ make -f make_mingw32.mak

  • Windows using Mingw(64bit Vim): $ make -f make_mingw64.mak

  • Windows using Visual Studio(32bit/64bit Vim): $ nmake -f Make_msvc.mak nodebug=1

  • Mac OS X using LLVM: $ make -f make_mac.mak

  • Old Mac OS X(llvm-gcc is not installed): $ make -f make_mac_old.mak

  • Linux/BSD: $ make -f make_unix.mak

  • Cygwin: $ make -f make_cygwin.mak

  • Solaris/Sun OS: $ make -f make_sunos.mak

After compile, you copy autoload/* and plugin/* files to your 'runtimepath' directory.

I compiled vimproc_win**.dll in 32/64 bit Windows, and distributed it below URL. Note: I DON'T recommend to use it. You should build dll files manually. Note: Github dowonloads feature is deprecated. It may be deleted.

You can use Kaoriya Vim in Windows. It includes vimproc dll file. (

If you use |neobundle.vim|, you can update and build vimproc automatically.

Example for neobundle: NeoBundle 'Shougo/vimproc', { \ 'build' : { \ 'windows' : 'make -f make_mingw32.mak', \ 'cygwin' : 'make -f make_cygwin.mak', \ 'mac' : 'make -f make_mac.mak', \ 'unix' : 'make -f make_unix.mak', \ }, \ }