Command-line client code for Tarsnap.
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Client code for Tarsnap

Tarsnap is a secure, efficient online backup service: "Online backups for the truly paranoid".

❗️ We strongly recommend that people use the latest official release tarball on

This repository is intended for developers who may wish to watch changes in progress, investigate bugs, or test new (unreleased) features.


A list of major changes in each version is given in

Building from git

Normal users should only use the signed tarballs from, but for experimental development, use:

autoreconf -i
  • In order to support the AX_CFLAGS_WARN_ALL autoconf directive, you will need to install the autoconf archive. On Debian, use the autoconf-archive package; on FreeBSD, use devel/autoconf-archive.

  • If you receive this message: error: possibly undefined macro: AC_MSG_WARN

    then you need pkg-config. On Debian , use the pkg-config package; on FreeBSD, use devel/pkgconf.

Packaging notes

Bash completion scripts: optional configure argument --with-bash-completion-dir[=DIR].

  • If DIR is specified, it installs to that directory.

  • If DIR is left blank, it attempts to use pkg-config and bash-completion >= 2.0 to determine where to put the bash completion scripts. If your system does not match those requirements, please specify DIR explicitly.