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The Tarsnap graphical user interface desktop application is an open source
cross-platform front-end to the popular Tarsnap backup service. This software
is distributed under the BSD 2-clause license.

The application uses the tarsnap command-line client utilities to communicate
with the Tarsnap service and thus they need to be installed on your system.
You can register for an account and download the client utilities from:

To read more about Tarsnap GUI head to the Wiki on GitHub:

This project makes use of the following 3rd party components:

* Qt SDK from - LGPL; Multi license
* Icons by "Open Iconic" - MIT License

For explicit licensing info see COPYING.
For building and install instructions see INSTALL.
For version history see CHANGELOG.

Report bugs and issues at
Alternatively, you can use the mail list tarsnap-users<at>