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Tools to help ardent community members plan small, usually not for profit, events like small local confs and Code Camps.
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Community Event Planning

The intent of this repo is to provide community members with resources to plan small, usually not-for-profit events; small local conferences such as Code Camps and "<insert tech> Saturdays." My hope is to gather knowledge and tools from all community spaces, make them findable and available here, and most of all make this knowledge community-owned and driven. Different communities have different needs, and sometimes even within the same community there are different needs in different regions. I hope for this to be a space to be a springboard where aspiring event organizers can find the tools and contacts they need to host a local event.

Some of these ideas can be expanded to apply to larger regional and for-profit conferences as well; however, the intended scope is the smaller local event. Small local events are important seeding grounds for those wishing to speak at larger conferences, but may not have the experience or confidence to submit to speak at them. They provide a space for local enthusiasts who may not have the time or resources to attend larger conferences and those who find such conferences intimidating. Small local events are also vital to linking local communities to their larger regional, national, and global brethren.


  1. Choosing a Theme/Topic

  2. The Conference Organizing Group

  3. Monies, Forming a Business, and Taxes

  4. Choosing a Date

  5. Venues

  6. Format Options

  7. Attendees and Marketing

  8. Speakers

  9. Sponsorship

  10. Food

  11. Swag

  12. Codes of Conduct

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