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TasmoAdmin (previously SonWEB) is an administrative platform for devices flashed with Tasmota.
You can find it here: TasmoAdmin GitHub.

It can run standalone, as a container, or as a Home Assistant addon.


  • Login protected
  • Multi update process
    • Select devices to update
    • Automatic Modus downloads latest firmware bin from Tasmota GitHub
  • Show device information
  • Mobile Responsive (Bootstrap4)
    • SCSS & Minified
  • Config devices
  • Self-update function for TasmoAdmin (disabled for Docker installs)
  • NightMode (Enable/Disable/Auto) in settings
  • AutoScan to find Tasmota Devices
  • Support for multiple sensors
  • Send Command to selected Devices

Supported Platforms

  • Apache2 and Nginx
  • Docker by @RaymondMouthaan
    • unRaid by @digiblur
  • IOCage (FreeNAS) by @tprelog


YouTube Video by DrZzs
by DrZzs



TasmoAdmin is available as a Docker image on GitHub packages.

This is a Linux Alpine based image with Nginx and PHP 8.1 installed. It supports multiple architectures, amd64 (i.e. Synology DSM), arm (i.e. Raspberry PI3) and arm64 (i.e. Pine64). Check out the Guide for TasmoAdmin on Docker for setup instructions.

This is the recommended way to get up and running.

Home Assistant Addon

TasmoAdmin is also available as Home Assistant addon, please refer to Home Assistant - addon TasmoAdmin for more information.

Using a Web Server

TasmoAdmin should run on any webserver that supports PHP 8.0+

Check the guides on the Wiki for more information.


Some environment variables are configured to allow easier customisation of the application

  • TASMO_DATADIR - Path where to store data. If not provided defaults to ./tasmoadmin/data
  • TASMO_BASEURL - Customise the base URL for the application


Provided is a docker-compose setup to ease getting started.

Simply run:

make dev

Then visit http://localhost:8000

Persistent storage within this setup is located in the .storage folder.


We use Transifex to maintain translations of this project. If you are not familiar with this service, you can read Transifex Documentation to get started.

Add or update translations

Here are steps to translate the extension to a specific language.

  1. Join our team on Transifex.
  2. Translate resources using Transifex web interface.


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This project supported by JetBrains through their Licenses for Open Source program.

Example Images

Login Page


Start Page


Devices Page

Devices Edit in Table

Devices Add/Edit Page

Device Add/Edit

Config General Page

Device Config_GENERAL

Config Network Page

Device Config_Network

Update Devices Page

Device Update 1 Device Update 2 Device Update 3

Settings Page

Settings Settings


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