Win32 updater for Lorris

Lorris - updater

This is Lorris' updater app for win32. It will check for Lorris' version, download ZIP file from web if new version is available and extracts it. It is really simple, written in C++ using only native Win32 functions to make it as small as possible.



If Lorris.exe is in same folder as updater, it will check for its version and proceeds with update if new version is available. If it is not, updater will just download lastest stable version

updater.exe *version* *revision*
updater.exe 0.5.0-dev 421

This is used by Lorris' built-in update check, so that updater does not have to check for version again.


My own files (main.cpp, ui.cpp and work.cpp) are GNU GPLv3.

Unzip files are from here:

File downloading is example modified to suit my needs: