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MIT Licence HitCount

DiscordBot WiP with JavaScript powered by Node.JS

Live test and support in: https://discord.gg/pGbbcgV

Install required packages

npm install --save discord.js-commando xml2js twitter discord.js


  • token = discord token
  • prefix = command prefix
  • botOwnerID = your discord id
  • botActivity = bot default activity
  • myGuildID = your server id (for commands like tweet)
  • OWMKey = OpenWeatherMap api key
  • twitterConsumerKey = Twitter developer consumer key
  • twitterConsumerSecret = Twitter developer consumer secret
  • twitterAccessKey = Twitter developer access key
  • twitterAccessSecret = Twitter developer access secret
  • spotifyID = Spotify developer client ID
  • spotifySecret = Spotify developer client secret
  • discordBotsApiKey = bots.discord.pw api key
  • discordBotsApiUrl = The url with your botid
  • trustedUsers = Add userid of trusted users. You can use module to add more users.

Current modules


  • Cat: Posts awesome cat 🐱 API will be fixed
  • Meme: Posts spicy meme 👌
  • AddMeme: Owner and trusted users can add memes from url 😏
  • Smug: Posts smug anime girl :^)
  • Rule34: Posts lewd image from rule34.xxx 💦
  • Get: Checks 'em and posts result 👉


  • Twitter: Tweets you message 🐦


  • Weather: Posts weather from given city (currently only finnish cities)


  • Steam: Posts steam and csgo server status

Owner Tools

  • Activity: Sets bot Activity
  • Picture: Sets bot profile picture from url
  • Guilds: Posts number of guilds bot are into and updates count to bots.discord.pw
  • Trusted: Adds user to trusted list

Planned modules

  • Info: Info message
  • Spotify: Sends random song from spotify
  • Rate: Adds reaction to previous message
  • Hashtag: Searches given hashtag from twitter and posts first result
  • Suggest: Saves suggested feature for bot owner
  • Purge: Purges a specified amount of messages
  • Userinfo: Gives info from given user (roles etc.)
  • UrbanDict: Searches given word from urbandictionary
  • Privatevc: Creates private voice chat


  • Input filter and sanitization