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World Maps Plugin

The World Maps Plugin is for Grav CMS. This plugin provides customizable and vectorial world maps.

Every regions of the map is clickable and editable by color and link reference.


NOTE: This plugin is a modular component for Grav which requires Grav and the Error and Problems to operate.

Admin Plugin interface (Preferred)

If you use the admin plugin, you can install directly through the admin plugin by browsing the Plugins tab and clicking on the Add button.

GPM Installation

Using the Grav Package Manager (GPM) through your system's terminal.

cd /your/grav-site
bin/gpm install world-maps

This will install the World Maps plugin under /your/grav-site/user/plugins/world-maps.

Git Installation

To install this plugin, just download source code of this repository under /your/grav-site/grav/user/plugins with Git command.

cd /your/grav-site
git clone user/plugins/world-maps

Plugin Configuration

Before configuring this plugin, you should copy the user/plugins/world-maps/world-maps.yaml to user/config/plugins/world-maps.yaml and only edit that copy.

Here is the default configuration and an explanation of available options:

enabled: true                       # plugin activation
js_group: ''                        # JS assets group used for this plugin
js_priority: 80                     # JS assets priority used for this plugin
default_id: 'world-maps-plugin'     # default map ID
default_class: ''                   # default map css class
default_height: '500px'             # default map height
default_width: '100%'               # default map width
default_shape: 'world'              # default map shape
default_color: '#A9A9A9'            # default countries color
default_border-color: '#FFFFFF'     # default countries border color
default_hover-color: null           # default countries hover color
default_selected-color: null        # default countries selected color
default_background-color: '#FFFFFF' # default background color
default_multiselect-region: false   # enable multi country selection
default_enable-zoom: false          # enable map zoom

NOTE: if you use the admin plugin, the world-maps.yaml file will be automatically saved in the user/config/plugins/ folder once the configuration is saved in the admin interface.

/!\ Theme and assets configuration

Check your Theme's base Twig template to get the assets group used with it, and specify this group in the World Maps plugin configuration with the JS Assets group field. Otherwhise the World Maps plugin will not works properly.

Here an example of base.html.twig for Grav main theme :

You can specify this parameter in user/config/plugins/world-maps.yaml configuration file with the js_group value.

enabled: true
js_group: 'bottom'
js_priority: 80

You can also specify it in the Grav Admin interface

If you don't want to specify a group for your assets, you can change your theme block and leave assets without any group :

{% block bottom %}
    {{ assets.js() }} {# a base template example without group #}
{% endblock %}


Grav Admin interface

Page example

Page modular example

Page header example :

title: 'World Map'
cache_enable: false
    title: 'my world map'       # displayed map title
    shape: world                # name of vectorial map to use 
    id: custom_id               # HTML map element id
    class: custom_class         # HTML map element class
    height: 300px               # HTML map element height
    width: 100%                 # HTML map element width
    color: '  #A9A9A9'          # color used by default for map's regions
    border_color: '#FFF'        # map's regions border color
    background_color: '#FFF'    # map's background color
    hover_color: null           # map's regions hover color
    selected_color: null        # map's regions selected color
    zoom_enabled: false         # enable or not zoom buttons
    multi_select_region: false  # enable or not multi region selection
            ref: ar             # region/Country code name
            color: '#db3434'    # given region color
            link: /home         # link to open on region click
            ref: us
            color: '#4f49c9'
            link: /thankyou
            text: TEST          # legend's text/label
            color: '#db3434'    # color used for text/label
            text: TEST2
            color: '#4f49c9'

ShortCode example :

World map

[map shape="world" id="myworldmap"]
    [region ref="us" color="#666" link="thankyou"][/region]
    [region ref="in" color="#666" link="thankyou"][/region]
    [region ref="fr" color="#123456" link="thankyou"][/region]
    [region ref="au" color="#666" link="thankyou"][/region]
    [legend text="VISITED" color="#666"][/legend]
    [legend text="CURRENT" color="#123456"][/legend]

Europe map

[map shape="europe" id="myeuropedmap"]
    [region ref="ro" color="#666" link="thankyou"][/region]
    [region ref="fr" color="#123456" link="thankyou"][/region]
    [region ref="fi" color="#666" link="thankyou"][/region]
    [legend text="VISITED" color="#666"][/legend]
    [legend text="CURRENT" color="#123456"][/legend]

Blueprint import :

You can integrate the World Maps plugin blueprint as a partial element in any of your own blueprints. Just use those 3 lines in your blueprint template :

  type: partials/map
  context: blueprints:// 

Import example

title: WorldMap
# Uncomment to extend from default
#'@extends': default

            type: tabs
            active: 1


              # Inside existing tab
                  type: tab
                  title: Content

                      type: section
                      title: MAP SETTINGS
                        type: partials/map
                        context: blueprints://
              # Inside a new tab
                  type: tab
                  title: Map
                  ordering@: content # Set the Map tab after Content tab
                    type: partials/map
                    context: blueprints://


Thanks to Peter Schmalfeldt and 10 Best Design for JQVMap development and maintenance.