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Official repository for main codebase for Tatoeba, a multilingual sentence/translation database.
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.tx removed problematic comma Apr 17, 2020
bin Add console executable from CakePHP 3 skeleton app Nov 3, 2018
config Add display of a warning just before maintenance May 21, 2020
docs Updated README file by deleting the entries for acl and archives May 27, 2020
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.gitignore Add Migrations lock file to .gitignore May 25, 2020
.htaccess Update .htaccess Nov 18, 2018
.travis.yml Add .travis.yml and AllTestsTest class Jan 16, 2017
CGU_en_Uk.txt terms of use updated Dec 12, 2009
CGU_tatoeba.txt re #84 Oct 13, 2009
CGU_tatoeba_fr_FR.txt terms of use updated Dec 12, 2009
Jenkinsfile Fix nested quotes May 21, 2019 Remove specific install instructions for Windows Jul 23, 2019
composer.json Remove PHP CodeSniffer from composer.json Aug 20, 2019
composer.lock Remove PHP CodeSniffer from composer.json Aug 20, 2019
header_licence.txt Correct misspelt "collaborativ" to "collaborative" Mar 9, 2014
index.php Run CakePHP 3 script "upgrade locations" Nov 3, 2018
licence.txt test #75 Oct 12, 2009
licence.unicode.txt Add copyright notices where appropriate. #151 Mar 26, 2015
phpunit.xml Update test suite for CakePHP 3 Nov 3, 2018


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This repository contains the source code of Tatoeba's website:


If you are interested in contributing to this project as a developer, please read our article about it before you start coding anything.

Installing Tatoeba

Whether you are a user of Linux, MacOS or Windows, we recommend that you use Imouto to install Tatoeba on your machine. Simply follow the instructions in the README.

Need help?

If you are stuck somewhere and can't figure out how to fix the problem(s) so that you can run Tatoeba properly on your machine, don't hesitate to post a message in our Google group, ask in our Gitter chatroom or in our XMPP chatroom.

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