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No!! MeiryoUI (Japanese name Meiryo UI mo daikkirai!!)

For early adapters who runs Windows 11 22H2, check discussions.

About No!! MeiryoUI

This program sets the system font setting on Windows 8.1/10/11.
On Windows 8.1/10/11, Microsoft removes the way to change system font settings.
Microsoft's system font setting choice is very ugly, especially in Japanese. This is why, I created this tool.

What No!! Meiryo UI can

This program sets the system font setting on Windows 8.1/10/11.
In other words, this program can change fonts in Win32/WinForms program's title bar, menu, message box, icon name (also Explorer's file and folder name).

What No!! Meiryo UI can't

This program sets the system font settings.
No!! Meiryo UI doesn't have effect on programs that ignore the system font settings.

System requirement

Windows 8/8.1/10/11
To check result of this software, No!! Meiryo UI can also run on Windows Vista and 7.



Detailed information is witten in the wiki.


Source files are distributed under the MIT open source license.