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An openFrameworks wrapper for The Eye Tribe
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An openFrameworks wrapper for The Eye Tribe SDK


demo movie


To add ofxEyeTrive to your project:

  • Drag the ofxEyeTribe addon folder into your project.
  • Add the location of the libraries (addons/ofxEyeTribe/libs/EyeTribeCppClient/lib/osx) to the Library Search Paths Build Setting in your Xcode project.
  • Add the libraries in above location to the Link Binary With Libraries Build Phases in your Xcode project.

The included example demonstrates these steps.

#Change Log

You can checkout for each version. See Tags in master branch.

Ver. 0.4

  • Fixed VS example project file (added cpp file, you have to "Release" build)
  • Added some calibration functions

Ver. 0.3

  • Supported Visual Studio 2015 x64 (Thank you Matt)

Ver. 0.2

  • Imprementations were divided from ofxEyeTrive.h, (if you created a your original project include version 0.1 ofxEyeTribe, please add ofxEyeTribe/src/ofxEyeTribe.cpp to your project.)

Ver. 0.1


The Eye Tribe SDK is licensed under the BSD-style license found in the LICENSE file.

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