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ofxTobiiEyeX is a wrapper of Tobii EyeX SDK for openFrameworks.
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ofxTobiiEyeX is a wrapper of Tobii EyeX SDK for openFrameworks.


  • This addon only work on windows (visual studio).
  • This addon need Tobii EyeX background software. Download and install Tobii EyeX Engin and EyeX Controller Driver to your computer. You can get that from hear.


  1. Add this addon to your VC project. Include files libs/TobiiEyeXSdk/include to search paths, and add library libs/TobiiEyeXSdk/lib/(x64 or x86)/Tobii.EyeX.Cliend.lib.
  2. On explorer, copy dll file libs/TobiiEyeXSdk/lib/(x64 or x86)/Tobii.EyeX.Cliend.dll to your bin/ directory.
  3. On VC, Create the ofxTobiiEyeX's instance.
  4. When start your app., call setup() and register some event handler function(s) registerXXX().
  5. When finish your app., call unregister some event handler function(s) unregisterXXX(), and close().
  6. Please check ofxTobiiEyeX/example, and find functions you need.


Presents an overview of what the addon offers.

Eye-Gaze Point

The point on the screen where your eyes are looking.

Eye Position

The positions of your eyeballs relative to the screen.


Points on the screen where your eyes linger to focus on something.

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