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My NMS Balance Adjustments

Most of these adjustments apply to all modes of the game, but I am speficically focusing on changes to Survival Mode, because the game play experience in that mode is more of what I expected from the game. Generally speaking, all of these changes make the game "harder", but more fun for me. However, there may be some changes that add a greater purpose to an item or that lessen the tedium of something and one might consider those changes to be "easier", I suppose. Anyway, the overarching concept here is to have the game play experience meet my expectations.

More Danger in Normal Mode

  • Doubled energy discharge rate (still lower than Survival Mode).
  • Hazard damage and underground recharge rate same as Survival Mode.
  • Makes my "normal saves" more interesting for me.

Freighter Nerf

  • Can't magically transfer items to it from anywhere.
  • Hyperdrive upgrades required to travel to different colored stars.

Ship Inventory/Tech/Prices

  • Storage and tech slots are based on the role of the ship type, rather than size.
  • Normalized ship prices. It's based only on units/inventory slot cost, so I made Haulers more expensive than the rest. All ships are considerably more expensive than default.
  • Normalized ship stats based on a max bonus budget of 15%/30%/60%/120% for C/B/A/S class to spread between the three stats (Damage/Shield/Hyperdrive). Generally, this was a buff to Shuttles, a small nerf to C/B/A classes (with the exception of Explorers), and buff to S classes.


  • Inventory 15-20
  • Tech 5-12
  • C 5/0/0 - 15/0/0
  • B 10/5/0 - 20/10/0
  • A 35/10/0 - 45/15/0
  • S 60/40/0 - 70/50/0


  • Inventory 20-33
  • Tech 3-8
  • C 2/2/2 - 5/5/5
  • B 5/5/5 - 10/10/10
  • A 15/15/15 - 20/20/20
  • S 30/30/30 - 40/40/40


  • Inventory 15-28
  • Tech 5-12
  • C 0/0/7 - 0/0/15
  • B 0/2/15 - 0/5/25
  • A 0/10/35 - 0/15/45
  • S 0/30/60 - 0/40/80


  • Inventory 36-48
  • Tech 2-4
  • C 0/5/2 - 0/10/5
  • B 0/10/5 - 0/20/10
  • A 0/35/10 - 0/45/15
  • S 0/60/40 - 0/70/50


  • Unchanged


  • Unchanged

Multi-Tool Nerf

  • Tech Slots 5-15 for all types. Too many slots is just crazy over powered and having fewer slots than something else makes that tool simply undesirable.
  • Stat based roles more clearly defined.


  • Mining/Scanning
  • Damage C:0, B:0, A:0, S:0
  • Mining C:5-10, B:15-20, A:20-25, S:30-35
  • Scanner C:10-20, B:25-30, A:35-40, S:45-50


  • Damage/Scanning
  • Damage C:10-15, B:15-20, A:20-25, S:25-35
  • Mining C:0, B:0, A:0, S:0
  • Scanner C:0-5, B:5-10, A:10-15, S:15-20


  • Scanning with some Mining and Damage
  • Damage C:2-4, B:2-6, A:2-8, S:2-8
  • Mining C:2-8, B:8-10, A:10-20, S:20-25
  • Scanner C:40-50, B:60-70, A:80-90, S:100


  • Balanced
  • Damage C:4-6, B:6-9, A:10-15, S:15-20
  • Mining C:4-6, B:6-9, A:10-15, S:15-20
  • Scanner C:4-6, B:6-9, A:10-15, S:15-20

Item Balance

  • Ion Battery and Advanced Ion Battery: Increased stack size so that there is actually a benefit of using them to recharge, because it was many times more effective (and cheaper!) to just use stacks of plain resources in the High Capacity Inventory slots. Now it's slightly better to use the batteries. Even with this higher stack size (which allows for more charges per inventory slot), one is likely to have the charging resoures anyway, because they are needed to repair broken tech, etc. Anyway, it bugged me, so I did this!
  • Life Support Gel: Same idea as with the batteries. Slightly more effective than a stack of 500 Oxygen.
  • Oxygen Capsule: Same idea as with the batteries. Slightly more effective than a stack of 500 Dioxite.

No Nuisance Sentinels

  • Aggressive Sentinels are still aggressive.
  • No longer attack the player for mining or for driving over rocks/plants (though their search timer still restarts should one happen to run over a rock while fleeing, which is annoying).
  • Spawn further away so they're not constantly up the player's arse when running/driving. This does make it a bit easier on planets where the Sentinels are aggressive, but it was necessary to prevent them from spawning on top of the player literally every 6-8 seconds when driving.

Misc Adjustments

  • Exocraft mining laser less destructive to resource nodes, thereby increasing yields such that it is more effective than simply getting out and using the Terrian Manipulator. Takes about the same amount of time as the TM, but does not need to be reloaded as frequently, especially in Survival Mode.

Space Combat

  • Can now disengage from Sentinels in space by outrunning them. This also makes them fly slower in general.
  • Increased the health of all other enemy ship types by quite a lot, so they require some effort to destroy.
  • Easy level ships are now Medium level, but with less health.
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