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  • MWRate mode - a flight control mode very similar to that from MultiWii that allows extremely aggressive flying while being totally locked in
  • Improved behavior of altitude hold for takeoff and landing. Arming allowed in AH mode. It is now possible to have entire flights in Altitude Hold mode.
  • MWRate settings import from BaseFlight/CleanFlight. No need to retune when switching over.
  • DSM Resolution autodetection. Simplifies input configuration.
  • Removed feedforward from GCS. This is stage one of deprecating this feature which should not be used with modern ESCs.
  • Flight logging to flash support. Used for creating “black box” logs while flying.
  • Spektrum binding fix. This requires an updated boot loader and will not work on ports that support SBUS on F4 platforms (because of the inverter).

Note that for windows there are two versions. The installer version will install to Program Files and add start menu items like most programs. The portable version will allow to extract it to any directory and simply run it. This is useful if you use multiple versions of the software.

Installation notes:

  • For Linux you will have to install .udev rules for the device. This is the likely cause if you cannot connect to it. To do this download the udev permissions file from here and then run sudo cp taulabs.udev /etc/udev/rules.d/45-taulabs-permissions.rules && sudo udevadm control --reload-rules
  • For Windows if you have any connectivity issues, please uninstall all the drivers associated with your hardware and reboot.

Known issues:

  • RevoMini does not work with SBus. OPLink configuration page does not work.
  • CopterControl does not have enough memory for autotuning (See #1476)
  • FlyingF3 does not have enough memory to save telemetry rate settings for all objects