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Targets that run Tau Labs

This is a partial list of targets(flight controller) that run the Tau Labs software stack.

  • Flying F3 - cheap (<15$) commercially available STM32F3 based platform system. Typically requires a shield to break out the connectors or some manual wiring. Capable of RTH and PH.
  • Sparky - small single sided STM32F3 flight controller. Capable of altitude hold, RTH and PH. more information here
  • Sparky2 - more powerful STM32F4 version of Sparky with integrated radio. Capable of altitude hold, RTH and PH and navigation. more information here
  • RevoMini - OpenPilot STM32F4 based board.
  • FlyingF4 - STM32F4 based discovery board but needs a shield to provide sensors.
  • Quanton - powerful STM32F4 based platform with large amounts of connectivity including 8 PWM in and 8 PWM out, and four serial ports. Fully navigation capable.
  • Gemini - mini FPV hex racer from Team Black Sheep that uses Colibri flight controller (derivative of Quanton).
  • Copter Control - Older STM32F1 based platform. Legacy support and not recommended for new designs.

Schematics and board layouts for open source hardware designs are available in /flight/targets/.

Getting started

  • Download software here
  • Having problems with the GCS on windows on an intel graphics based PC? Look here
  • A guide for getting started flying can be found here.
  • A great movie can be found here
  • The best place to to ask questions is either on irc ( #taulabs) or on the forums.
  • For instructions on using the Android GCS please see the Android Users Guide.
  • To follow the cutting edge development here are the builds from next. Do not use these unless you know what you are doing. Next builds
  • FAQs

Developer Documentation

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