Android Users Guide

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The android application can be downloaded from the play store here and can provide a useful way of monitoring and tweaking your board in the field.

Connection options

The application supports: TCP/IP, Serial Bluetooth, direct connection or via PipX modem, FTDI based modems such as the 3DR modem and RFD900. Select the appropriate option for you in Settings->Connection Type.

When you connect to the board you should see a meassage "Loaded appropriate UAVO set". If you do not, then there is either a problem with your physical connection or a mismatch between the version of the android application and the firmware you are running (the later will be indicated by a message: "Failed to located foobar.jar")


The android application is always logging. If you want to access a log, then go to the logging page and select the appropriate log. This will give you an option for multiple ways to transfer it to yourself.