Configuring a variable pitch quadcopter

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Warning: These are notes for an experimental aircraft and might not apply perfectly to yours. Make sure you understand all the steps and they why behind them.

  1. Configure the input like normal. For now we will not attempt to use any collective input channel. However, make sure you configure for switch based arming under the input configuration -> arming page. This means you need to assign a channel to Arm while in the wizard. Note that this switch will ultimately turn your motors on regardless of throttle, so must be used cautiously
  2. Make sure you do not have power applied to your aircraft and that the props have been removed
  3. Set up your output channels (in the config Output tab). For the one that will be the ESC set min to 1000, and neutral and max to whatever value you want to run at. (e.g. 1800 us). This will mean whenever the throttle is positive it will run at a fixed PWM output.
  4. For the servo outputs, you the expected min, neutral and max (e.g. 1100, 1500, and 1900).
  5. To set up the channels, go to vehicle and select vehicle type custom.
  6. Reset both Curve1 and Curve2 and set their inputs to Throttle. For Curve2 you want to make it go linearly from -1 to 1. You might have to do this in the UAVObjectBrowser under ThrottleCurve2.
  7. Set up your motor channel. Set the type to Motor (this will make it listen to the arm switch). Set Curve1 to 127 and the other values to 0.
  8. For each of the four VPP motors you will want to set some weight to the Curve2 channel. Maybe 67. Then based on their physical location mix in the appropriate amount of roll, pitch and yaw. You could get these numbers by configuring it first as a quadcopter and assigning them the appropriate location. You want to set them to Servo type at the end so they will keep working when disarmed. Maybe you can autogyro :)
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