Configuring your new board for basic flight

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This is a work in progress and needs help

Once your have a Tau Labs compatible board, it is time to get it configured and ready for flight. Please follow the steps in this section carefully and with attention to detail. The information in this wiki is merely a guideline and may be out of date.

GCS User Guides




Please remove all propellers from the airframe before beginning this portion.

Here is a video showing demonstrating how to get started: Setup wizard demonstration

Mount your board on the airframe, and verify on the primary flight display that the image moves correctly with the airframe as you tilt it.

Setup Wizard

For setting up a multirotor there is a setup wizard that will help with many of the steps. This can be activated by selecting "Vehicle Setup Wizard" from the "Tools" menu (thanks to m_thread for the hard work on this). This wizard should walk you through the following steps:

  • Update the board firmware to a version that matches the GCS
  • Configure the input type (may not perform automatically for all targets)
  • Calibrate the board when level
  • Select the airframe type which sets up the number of outputs
  • Set the minimal pulse duration for the outputs
  • Save those settings to the board

If you are using a target that says it does not support configuring the input type, please do this manually (see instructions for your particular target). After saving this, please power cycle the board.

If your vehicle type isn't listed, you'll need to use a Custom Frame Type.

Radio wizard

First apply external power to the flight controller. Then, select "Radio Setup Wizard" from the "Tools" menu, which will guide you through detecting the sticks and calibrating your inputs.

First flight

Before installing propellers, please test that everything appears to be working correctly. At this point, when looking at the System Health Gadget on the main display, everything should be green.

The default arming position from the setup wizard is roll left and low throttle for one second. This should cause the status LED on the flight controller to begin blinking twice per second. As you apply throttle, the motors should all come on and respond as you expect when tilting the frame or pushing on the sticks.

TODO: Add notes on the default flight mode configuration and the flight position stick

Once you have verified everything seems sensible, you are ready to install propellers and have your first flight. Good luck.


After your first flight, you can get serious about the calibration. This is more important if you intend to try navigation. For simpler applications, simply using the leveling procedure described in the video above is sufficient.

Here is a video showing demonstrating how to get started: Calibration demonstration

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