Creating a bug report

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If you have a crash or problem with the GCS (or firmware) filing a bug report is the best way to bring it to the developers attention and get it resolved. You can create one by clicking this link. It is important that the bug report be as clear and specific as possible.

Minimal information should include

  • Your operating system
  • The version of the software you are running (provide the git hash from "About Tau Labs GCS") and specify if you built it yourself or if it is a downloaded version

For a crash please include

  • Please describe as specifically as possible the steps that led up to the crash
  • If it is reproducible please tell us so
  • If you are running under gdb please include a backtrace thread apply all bt

If the behavior is not what you expected please include

  • The steps you took
  • What the outcome was
  • What the expected outcome was
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