Development Hardware IDs

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  • BOARD_TYPE and BOARD_REVISION are being stored permanently in the pios_board_info blob on the device flash at the end of the bootloader section. They are being exposed to ground control station via the FirmwareIAPObj UAVO.
  • UDB_VID and USB_PID are being used by the board_manager within ground control station.
PipXtreme 0x03 0x01 0x20a0 0x415c
Coptercontrol 0x04 0x01 0x20a0 0x415b
Coptercontrol 3D 0x04 0x02 0x20a0 0x415b
OSD 0x05 0x01 0x20a0 0x4194
ESC 0x08 0x01 - -
Revolution 0x7f 0x02 0x20a0 0x415e
RevoMini 0x09 0x03 0x20a0 0x415e
Freedom 0x81 0x01 0x20a0 0x41d0
FlyingF3 0x82 0x01 0x20a0 0x4195
DiscoveryF3 0x83 0x01 0x20a0 0x4195 currently unused
FlyingF4 0x84 0x01 0x20a0 0x4195
DiscoveryF4 0x85 0x01 0x20a0 0x4195
Quanton 0x86 0x01 0x0fda 0x0100
Sparky 0x88 0x02 0x20a0 0x41d0
CoreF4 0x89 0x01 0x20a0 0x4195
Brain 0x8A 0x01 0x20a0 0x4242
AeroCore 0x90 0x01 0x20a0 0x41d0
Colibri 0x91 0x01 0x20a0 0x4235
Sparky2 0x92 0x01 0x20a0 0x41d0
AeroQuad32 0x94 0x01 0x20a0 0x4284
OpenNaze/Naze Family 0xA0 0x01 various various


  • BOARD_TYPE 0x00 to 0x7f is informally reserved for OpenPilot. Tau Labs will not assign any new BOARD_TYPE values in that range.
  • Hardware manufacturers using Tau Labs firmware are politely asked to contact Tau Labs for assigning a BOARD_TYPE in the 0x80-0xFF range to prevent conflicts
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