Discovery F3 what this is about

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This is a port of the Tau Labs software to the STM32F3 Discovery board.
Its name is 'FlyingF3'.

There is also a target 'DiscoveryF3' that is the minimal code to run but does not use the built in sensors.

Its features are:

  • STM32F303 72MHz 32bit ARM cortex-m4 power with hardware fpu
  • L3GD20 gyro
  • LSM303 accelerometer and magnetometer
  • Optional SPI MS5611 when using the appropriate shield
  • FreeRTOS based flight control software
  • compatible to Tau Labs
  • 10 PWM inputs, 10 PWM outputs
  • 2 general purpose UARTs each with selectable 3V or 5V power supply (3 additional unused)
  • 1 I2C for adding external sensors (unused)
  • 1 SPI for adding external sensors (unused)
  • 45mm drills