Endomorphism (September) release

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The release

On 2015-07-13, Tau Labs shipped a release. This is the page that summarizes work on the next release cycle, aimed to be nominally 2.5 months long. The release is codenamed 'endomorphism' (name offered by @solidgoldbomb) This is to avoid issues where a release has been named something like "September release" in the past and then things got confusing when it didn't ship in September.

The release shipped on 2015-09-24, and can be found at: https://github.com/TauLabs/TauLabs/releases/tag/20150922 . The next release is Pyreneus.

The nominal schedule

Date (scheduled) Date (actual) Milestone
2015-07-13 2015-07-13 Work begins
2015-08-09 2015-08-08 Deadline for high risk PRs to be opened
2015-08-16 2015-08-14 Tagging of high-priority issues for this release complete
2015-08-31 2015-09-01 Feature freeze: all functional work must merge before this date
2015-09-05 2015-09-13 Production of first snapshot build for widespread test 2634cd19
2015-09-19 Production of second snapshot build for widespred test 16a16ad3
2015-09-19 2015-09-21 Creation of release branch; work begins on following release in next
2015-09-26 2015-09-24 Nominal ship date (release taged 20150922)

Snapshot-1 / RC1 2634cd19

RC2 16a16ad3

Test matrix for 1759

  • DSM on CC - via Varcht
  • GCS: Thorough test of UAV object browser constants / gaps
  • GCS: Thorough test of board HW pane in config tab
Sparky2 RevoMini PipXtreme
USBHID USBTelemetry MPL-OK 8/11-8/15 VAR-OK 8/15 MPL-OK 8/11b
USBVCP Telemetry MPL-OK 8/12-8/15
USBVCP ComBridge MPL-OK 8/15* MPL-FIXED #1836*
USBVCP PicoC MPL-OK 8/12-8/15 MPL-OK #1810 N/A
Rcvr PWM N/A VAR-OK 8/15 N/A
Rcvr PPM MPL-OK 8/11-8/15 SG-OK 8/15
Flexi I2C N/A
PicoC MPL-OK 8/12 SG- FIXED #1801* N/A
Combridge MPL-OK 8/15* MPL-FIXED #1836*
GPS MPL-OK 8/12 SG-OK 8/15
MavLink MPL-OK NEXT SG-OK 8/15 N/A
LightTelemetry N/A
Radio MPL-OK 8/11 MPL-OK 8/11b
Radio (openlrs) N/A
  • 8/11: e6cc049
  • 8/11b: cc25793
  • 8/12: 3a86cb9
  • 8/15: f18976be
  • *: failed on prior next/master, worked on feature branch

Known new issues / regression in Next branch

  • QT 5.5 UI regressions / GCS crashes
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