FAQ: things that can go wrong

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This page is meant as a loose collection of troubles encountered while using TauLabs software, trivial or complex, be it user error, software bug or hardware problem.

Q: Propellers do not spin faster than idle regardless of throttle position while AttitudeEstimation=INSIndoor.
A: Whenever the copter is armed and throttle above zero, ActuatorCommand becomes equal to the neutral setting for each channel and stays there. It was found that AccelBias, AccelScale, MagBias, MagScale were set to zero which may have happened during a firmware update or by user error. Board settings were erased and manually restored to good values from a backup.

Q: How is a backup of settings created?
A1: in GCS, do File>Export UAV settings
A2: make screenshots of each of the relevant configuration screens and the object browser tree (calibration values are stored in SensorSettings and TrimAnglesSettings)
A3: If settings are already lost, an old logfile might still have them. Connect to the logfile and proceed with A1 or A2.

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