GCS Receiver Control

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The GCS can be used to act as a receiver input to your board, either via USB or telemetry. Be very aware of latency when using this, it is not a recommended way to fly. That being said, normal failsafe works and will engage if an update is not receiver from the computer in a few 100 ms.

Here is how to engage this ###1. Select the GCS receiver as your input device. It expects to have 1000,1500,2000 for each channel min and max. Note that you do not need a flight mode, and currently that is really awkward to use. Input configuration

###2. Enable just 1 flight mode that is the one you want Flight mode configuration

If you want to change flight modes you need to come back here and change it right now, unfortunately.

3. Enable the controller gadget preference "Control GCS Receiver"

Controller preferences

4. Enable GCS Controller (and arm if you would like to)

Taking over control

Enable GCS Control and Armed, and then move the sticks as you desired.

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