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Tau Labs uses a Jenkins server to provide Continuous Integration(CI) services for the project.

Interacting with Jenkins via GitHub pull requests

Jenkins listens to all comments posted in pull requests.

Admins can ask Jenkins to perform various tasks by using the following commands:

  • add to whitelist
    • This adds the owner of the pull request to the Jenkins whitelist so this and future pull requests will be auto-built and tested by Jenkins.
  • ok to test
    • This tells Jenkins that this pull request is OK to build and test whenever new code is pushed.
  • test this please
    • This triggers Jenkins to build and retest this pull request against the latest next branch.

Triggering manual builds using Jekins UI

Users owning a jenkins account can login to the jenkins UI and trigger a manual build.

To do this, the following steps have to be performed:

  • Login using your jenkins username and password at Jenkins
  • Go to the respective job you want to manually trigger e.g. taulabs-pr-linux-amd64
  • Hit the "Build now" or "Build with Parameters" button (text may be localized according to your browser language settings)
  • If the build is a parametrized build, enter the git ref you want to build into the text box

How to set up jenkins and github to work together

On github side

  • Create a dedicated user account for jenkins to access github
  • Provide "Push & Pull" access to this user for all relevant repositories

On jenkins side

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