Level triming

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The trim leveling button on the airframe page can be used if the airframe should fly in attitude mode at a different attitude than the actual level of the airframe or aircraft.

This offset is used during Attitude (formerly AttitudePlus) and Horizon mode. Once your airframe has been fully configured, if you want to alter the angle it flies at but not alter the leveling of the board, follow these steps:

  1. Fly the vehicle in Attitude mode on roll and pitch
  2. Use the transmitter trims to get level flight
  3. Land and disarm. Reconnect to GCS if needed
  4. Click the "Set Level Angle" button on the Airframe configuration page
  5. Reset transmitter trims to 0.
  6. Fly again, you should see your trim settings used

Trim leveling diagram

This mode is typically used with planes where the zero of the pitch axis may not correspond to the pitch angle required in flight to achieve level horizontal flight. However, it can be used for other airframe types if desired.

You can see a demonstration of using this in the video here https://vimeo.com/87430180#t=4m20s

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