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Enabling ADC inputs

Most boards CANNOT tolerate more than 3.3V brought into them. Make sure you are using an appropriate sensor for your board, such as this one

  1. Enable the Battery module using the Modules - Enable page.
  2. Configure the ADCRouting to indicate what the channels are. This is done by setting ADCRouting->ChannelMap[ADC#] to either Disabled, BatteryVoltage, BatteryCurrent, AnalogAirspeed or Generic. Make sure that you only try and use ADC# that are valid for the board you are using. REBOOT Otherwise the following page is not enabled!

Modules - Battery

  1. If you are using the battery module, then make sure the values in FlightBatterySettings are appropriate for your battery type and sensor.
  2. Reboot the board.

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Sensor Voltage Factor mV/Volt Voltage Offset V Current Factor mV/Amp Current Offset
AttoPilot 180A 63.69 -0,15 18.30 -0,6
AttoPilot 90A 63.69 -0,15 36.60 -0,6
RCTimer 90 A 63.69 -0,15 36.60 -0,6
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