Pyreneus release

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The release

This release is the release after the Endomorphism. A big PR queue has formed from contributions from CyPhy and other contributors at the beginning.

The nominal schedule

Date (scheduled) Date (actual) Milestone
2015-09-22 2015-09-21 Work begins-- blocks on creation of Endo release branch
2015-09-24 Previous release (Endomorphism) ships
2015-09-29 Backlog of easily merged PRs cleared and simple smoke test completed
2015-10-04 Tagging of high-priority issues for this release complete
2015-10-31 All complicated/risky PRs must open before this date or are automatically out
2015-11-15 Feature freeze: all functional work must merge before this date
2015-11-25 Production of first snapshot build for widespread test
2015-12-05 Creation of release branch
2015-12-20 Nominal release date
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