User Guide: Battery Configuration

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Most boards CANNOT tolerate more than 3.3V brought into them. Make sure you are using an appropriate sensor for your board, such as this one

Some boards require you to enable the ADC pins. E.g. Sparky you must select an OutPort in the hardware page with ADC functionality. On Quanton select Receiver input "PPM and ADC" for example.

  1. Enable the Battery module using the Modules - Enable page.
  2. Reboot the board
  3. Go to the battery tab within the modules page
  4. Assing whichever pins are used for voltage and current
  5. Update the scales from the table below. Note the offset factors will probably be incorrect and need to be adjusted for your particular sensor and board.

Battery configuration

Sensor Voltage Factor mV/Volt Voltage Offset V Current Factor mV/Amp Current Offset Tested FC
AttoPilot 180A 63.69 -0,15 18.30 -0,6
AttoPilot 90A 63.69 -0,15 36.60 -0,6
RCTimer 90A 63.69 -0,15 36.60 -0,6
Micro HKPilot Mega PDB, BEC and 4S Volt/60A AMP Sensor 100.00 -0.019 57.50 -0.9575 BrainFPV
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