User Guide: Configuring fixed wing autonomous flight

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** Warning: this is experimental. Use with great caution or not at all **

Initial configuration

  1. On the attitude tab, go to filter settings and set the Attitude Algorithm to INSOutdoor and the Navigation Algorithm to INS. You will no longer be able to arm your plane if you do not have a GPS lock with at least 7 satellites. If this starts proving to be a problem, i.e. it never gets the lock because of poor GPS reception, then switch to Complementary/Raw algorithms. However, don't try to fly autonomous flight then.
  2. Disable "Turn off integral when throttle low" checkbox.
  3. No always armed. Arm via switch. * note that this means you will not zero your gyro bias when arming so check your pfd before flying *
  4. No timeout on low throttle (i.e. set it to 0).

First flight in manual - trimming airframe

  1. While flying, trim plane for level wings and no pitch/airspeed change.
  2. Land and disarm
  3. Click button "Trim servos" in the fixed-wing airframe tab.
  4. Reset TX trims to 0.

Second flight in stabilized modes

  1. Use Attitude modes. (because AttitudePlus is gone).
  2. Test that flight behavior in manual control is still trimmed properly.
  3. Fly and tune pitch and roll rate P for good behavior
  4. Fly and tune pitch and roll attitude PI for good behavior. Set I at 1/2 to 1/4 of P.
  5. Once plane is flying well, trim plane for straight and level flight at approximately the desired airspeed.
  6. Land and disarm
  7. In the fixed-wing airframe tab, click the "Set level angle" button.
  8. Reset trims to 0.

You should now have a plane which flies well in all modes.

Enabling autonomous flight:

  1. In the fixedwingairspeeds UAVO, set the bestrateofclimb. Ignore everything else
  2. In the fixedwingpathfollower UAVO, Set your pitch limits to +-7 degrees. This is a good first guess.
  3. Enable the FixedWingFollower module in ModuleSettings.AdminState and power cycle
  4. Set one of your flight mode positions to Position Hold and test this
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