User Guide: Connect Receiver

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PPM, sum signal receiver (one wire)

To connect a sum signal receiver, you have to select PPM. Receiver have to be connected to first input. Thart's the best way, its easy and you have more flexibility to connect additional Hardware (Flex-Port).

PWM, standard receiver (channel to channel)

To connect a standard receiver, you have to select PWM.

SUMD, proprietary Graupner protokoll.

Works with a UART.


set the UART to S.Bus in the BOARD tab and input type to S.Bus in INPUT tab
Quanton: UART2
Revo: Main Port*

Receiver list

the following list is not exclusive, it is very likely that any Rx will work at least in PWM mode

Make Type Mode
Jeti Rsat/Rsat2 PPM, first input, switch to PPM9 please, PPM16 doesn't work!
Jeti R4/5/6/7/8/9 PWM, inputs 1 to 8, be aware, some another functions are disabled!
Graupner HoTT PWM, inputs 1 to x, PPM (SUMO) to the last channel ( GR12 - Ch6, GR16 - CH8, .. ), SUMD to the last channel like PPM.
Spectrum Satelite [[Spectrum howto
FrSky D4R-II PWM, PPM (8 ch)
FrSky D8R-XP PWM, PPM (8 ch)
FrSky X6R PWM, S.Bus (16 ch)*
FrSky X8R PWM, S.Bus (16 ch)*

*currently, S.Bus does not work with Revo because of a software bug

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