User Guide: Enabling VCP pass through

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VCP passthrough enables your board to act like a serial port, or talk to devices connected to it. This can be used to configure your GPS (for example). However, be aware that the VCP port does not respond to requests to change baudrate through VCP (you can do it via GCS).

There are a few steps to enable a VCP pass through:

  1. Map one of your board ports to ComBridge on the Board page. The ports that can be used will be specific to your board.
  2. Set the USB_VCPPort to ComBridge
  3. Save the settings.
  4. In the modules tab enable the Com Bridge module
  5. If you need to alter the baud rate do it in the "Misc" subtab of the Modules tab how to set the baud rate
  6. Go to the Misc sub-tab of the Module config page and set the ComBridge baudrate to whatever baudrate your connect device is running at.
  7. Save the settings.
  8. Power cycle the board

You should see a com port associated with your board that now will talk to the serial port.

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