User Guide: Graupner HoTT Telemetrie

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First you need a adapter because on Taulabs we have Rx/Tx but Graupner support only single wire serial. Graupner HoTT Telemetrie Adapter

Graupner HoTT Telemetrie Adapter

For using HoTT Telemetrie you have to enable one or more so called sensors: Graupner HoTT Telemetrie Adapter

Settings can be do one the HoTT Telemetrie tab Graupner HoTT Telemetrie Adapter

How the sensors work, you can read in the Graupner Manual:


Item Unit EAM GAM ESC GPS Vario Description
MinSpeed km/h X Minimum speed in km/h
MaxSpeed km/h X Maximum speed in km/h
NegDifference1 m X X X Sink rate / Sec.
PosDifference1 m X X X Climb rate / Sec.
NegDifference2 m X X X Sink rate / 3 Sec.
PosDifference2 m X X X Climb rate / 3 Sec.
MinHeight m X X X Minimum Altitude
MaxHeight m X X X Maximum Altitude
MaxDistance m X Maximum distance in meter
MinPowerVoltage V X X X
MaxPowerVoltage V X X X
MinSensor1Voltage V X X
MaxSensor1Voltage V X X
MinSensor2Voltage V X X
MaxSensor2Voltage V X X
MinCellVoltage V X X
MaxCellVoltage V X X
MaxCurrent A X X X
MaxUsedCapacity mAh X X X
MinSensor1Temp °C X X
MaxSensor1Temp °C X X
MinSensor2Temp °C X
MaxSensor2Temp °C X
MaxServoTemp °C
MinRPM rpm X X X
MaxRPM rpm X X X
MinFuel ml X
MaxServoDifference ???


Item EAM GAM ESC GPS Vario Description
AltitudeBeep X X X
MinSpeed X
MaxSpeed X
NegDifference1 X X X
PosDifference1 X X X
NegDifference2 X X X
PosDifference2 X X X
MinHeight X X X
MaxHeight X X X
MaxDistance X
MinPowerVoltage X X X
MaxPowerVoltage X X X
MinSensor1Voltage X X
MaxSensor1Voltage X X
MinSensor2Voltage X X
MaxSensor2Voltage X X
MinCellVoltage X X
MaxCurrent X X X
MaxUsedCapacity X X X
MinSensor1Temp X X
MaxSensor1Temp X X
MinSensor2Temp X
MaxSensor2Temp X
MinFuel X

HowTo Use

Lets make an example: You like to have a warning when you LiPo is going empty.

  1. You have to set Limit / MinPowerVoltage
  2. You have to enable Warning / MinPowerVoltage

In Action

HoTT Multicopter Screen

Indicator 1:

  • ' ' no GPS configured "Dir:" shows "you," the orientation of the compass (otherwise the direction of flight, not the orientation)
  • '!' GPS-Error (like red GPS in GCS)
  • '?' GPS-Warning (yellow, GPS data is there but inaccurate)
  • '.' GPS-OK (green, ready for navigation)

Indicator 2:

  • '-' no Home position (you should NEVER! set the home position in gcs)
  • 'H' Home position triggered. Now 'RTH' is possible. It still recommends taking a look at the distance and the home course before you try this. 'PH' of course works better when the number of satellites is large or a '.' next to it.

HoTT Example: Multicopter Menue