User Guide: OPLink Mini

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This is the procedure for using OpenPilot OPLink Mini modems (OPLM) and/or Revo's internal modem with TauLabs.

  • Connect an antenna. Do not operate an active modem without its antenna.

  • In GCS, go to the firmware tab, hit Rescue, connect the OPLM or Revo

  • Hit 'Open'
    for OPLM: navigate to /flight/pipextreme, select fw_pipxtreme.tlfw
    for Revo: navigate to /flight/revomini, select fw_revomini.tlfw
    (Pipextreme was an earlier board during modem development, hence the name)

  • Check that the 'Loaded' box lists the firmware you want, then hit 'Flash'

  • Wait while GCS says 'Uploading firmware'

  • When uploading has finished, hit 'Boot'

  • From the pull-down wizard, select "RFM 22 bind wizard" and follow the directions there.

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