User Guide: OpenLRS

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TauLabs supports directly detecting packets from OpenLRS when using a board that has an RFM22B module (e.g. Sparky2 or BrushedSparky).


Note: you should make sure to bind your OpenLRS with telemetry turned off. I have tried with FrSky SmartPort and had success but this is less tested.

  1. in the HwSparky2 settings set the Radio field to "OpenLRS"
  2. Save settings
  3. If you have previously bound to OpenLRS and want to bind again, go to the UAVObjectBrowser and erase OpenLRS
  4. Reboot board
  5. You should see the RF LED blinking at 5 Hz
  6. Put the OpenLRS TX module in binding mode
  7. You should see the RF LED stop blinking Note: OpenLRS TX module will not acknowledge bind. At this point power cycle transmitter.

At this point you should be bound and can perform input configuration like normal.