User Guide: POI tracking

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Note: this requires a recent version of the software from Next

Using the Android Application and the Camera tracking module, you can make the multirotor track your position. Watch this video for a demonstration. To do this, there are a few things required:

  1. Enable the CameraStab module
  2. Reboot the flight controller
  3. Set the camera stabilization input channel for Yaw to POI
  4. Configure one of your stabilized flight modes (e.g. Stabilized2) to have Yaw as POI
  5. Make sure the multirotor knows where you are (e.g. enable the GPS, set NavigationFilter to Raw)
  6. Connect the android app to your FC (either using bluetooth or RF)
  7. In the tablet page enable "POI Track" mode
  8. You may need to zero the poi location to get good accuracy. Watch the video above.
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