User Guide: Spektrum Binding

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**Note: this process requires a recent bootloader (0x83) due to delays from earlier bootloaders. It will also not work on boards without a USB Sense connections such as FlyingF3 and FlyingF4 **

Binding satellite receivers can be a tricky process, to find the combination of bind pulses and protocols that produces a good signal. This difficultly comes from the fact the protocol is not well documented, nor are the receivers. If possible, it is much easier to use the traditional bind procedure your transmitter recommends with the satellite attached to a standard receiver.

TODO: explain the steps of using the bind pulses

This is a list of known good combinations, originally sourced from the OpenPilot wiki

Transmitter Transmitter settings Satellite Receiver Port setting DSMxBind value Result
DX8 Frame rate DSMx Spektrum DSMX DSMX (11-bit) 9 8 channels
DX8 Frame rate DSMx OrangeRX DSMX (11-bit) 5 8 channels
DX7 OrangeRX DSM2 5 7 channels
DX7 Lemon DSM2 2 7 channels
DX6 Lemon DSM2 4 6 channels
DX6 Lemon DSMX (10-bit) 8 6 channels
DX6 OrangeRX R110XL DSMX (10-bit) 8 6 channels
DX6i OrangeRX DSMX (10-bit) 5 6 channels
DX6i OrangeRX R100 DSMX (10-bit) 3 5 channels
DX6i OrangeRX R100 DSM2 3 5 channels
DX6i JR Remote Satellite Receiver DSM2 5 6 channels
DX6i Spektrum AR6210 receiver DSMX (11-bit) 9 6 channels
Dx7s Frame rate DSMx/ 11ms Spektrum DSMx DSMX(11-bit) 9 7 Channels

The JR DSM2 is fully compatible with the Spektrum DSM2, so the settings should be identical.

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