User Guide: Using MinimOSD with Taulabs

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If you are looking for an OSD to use with TauLabs, MinimOSD is the only option that I am aware of at the moment.

MinimOSD works by taking a Mavlink data-stream via serial and then displaying that data on the OSD (based on how you configure MinimOSD). Tau Labs uses UAVTalk and therefore is not natively able to communicate with the MinimOSD. Luckily Tau Labs has a UAVTalk to Mavlink Module.

This article assumes your MinimOSD has been flashed correctly and that you have the MinimOSD-extra configuration utility installed. Details for MinimOSD are here:

Enable UAVTalk to Mavlink

In the Tau Labs GCS

  1. Configuration -> Modules -> Tick UAVO Mavlink stream
  2. Configuration -> Board -> MavlinkTX (or) MavlinkTX_GPS_RX (on one of the serial ports) You have now configured Tau Labs to communicate with MinimOSD.

By default Tau Labs will send the below Mavlink messages to the MinimOSD. Most of the information is sent without further configuration but some pieces of data need configuration on both Tau Labs and MinimOSD.


In the Tau Labs GCS

  1. Configuration -> Hardware -> Enable GPS on an Input
  2. Configuration -> Modules -> Tick GPS (reboot) If you get issues with your GPS:
  3. System -> Settings -> ModuleSettings -> AdminState a. Configure your GPS settings here.


In the Tau Labs GCS

  1. System -> Settings -> ManualControlSettings: a. RssiType- Choose between PWM, PPM or ADC. b. RssiChannelNumber- Choose the Rssi channel number, ex '0' for ADC channel 0. c. Reboot.
  2. System -> Data Objects -> ManualControlCommand: a. Note RawRssi with Tx next to Rx (max rssi) and at the furthest usable distance (min rssi).
  3. System -> Settings -> ManualControlSettings: a. Enter RssiMax and RssiMin with the values from step 2.

In MinimOSD Configurator

  1. RSSI min max values of 0 and 100. Note: For systems like FrSky with a very short Rssi PWM period there is and extra setting: ManualControlSettings RssiPwmPeriod.


In the Tau Labs GCS

  1. System -> Settings -> FlightBatterySettings:

  2. Enter Capacity (in Mah)

  3. Enter NbCells (with number of Lipo cells)

  4. Choose CurrentPin

  5. Choose VoltagePin

  6. System -> Settings -> FlightBatterySettings -> SensorCalibrationFactor:

  7. [Voltage] Enter the number of Mv per volt your sensor outputs.

  8. [Current] Enter the number of Mv per volt your sensor outputs.

Other Tips

  1. It is recommended to use the MavlinkTX_GPS_RX as it allows you to use one serial port for both GPS and MinimOSD.

  2. You will need a GPS plugged into your Tau Labs board for the MinimOSD to display GPS data.

  3. To switch the screens with Accessory1 select channel 8 Settings

The mavlink channel numbers are linked to:

  1. Throttle
  2. Roll
  3. Pitch
  4. Yaw
  5. FlightMode
  6. Collective
  7. Accessory0
  8. Accessory1
  9. Accessory2(not avail on mavlink)

Support Mavlink Messages:

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