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Android OSG Setup

Compiling OSG for Android

These notes were developed from

Create a directory android_osg. Unzip there.

This code was used to build OpenSceneGraph. It takes about 6 hours on a relatively fast computer.

cmake ../OpenSceneGraph-3.0.1 \
        -DANDROID_NDK=`pwd`/../android-ndk-r8b/ \
        -DANDROID_ABI="armeabi armeabi-v7a" \
        -DANDROID_STL="gnustl_static" \
make install

Compiling a demo application

Use need to compile both the java and the native part. The native part is compiled with android-ndk. Modify the file from in the JNI directory of the project to link against the OSG install directory. See the link above for a few other modifications to make on top of the default Then call android-nk to compile the native half of the application. Finally launch it from eclipse.

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