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Tau Labs has an active irc channel, #taulabs on irc.freenode.net. Anyone is welcome to join us there at any time with questions, comments, or just to lurk and listen.

In addition, there is an invitation-only room, #taulabs-dev. This is a quieter room away from the hubbub of the main #taulabs room. Access is given based on the following rules:

Policy for admitting and revoking access to the #taulabs-dev channel

  • You have been Nominated
    • You can only be nominated by an OmniLoco board member.
  • You are Approved
    • Once nominated, your admission can only be approved by a majority vote of the OmniLoco board.
    • Your continued approval can only be maintained by abiding by all aspects of this policy.
    • Your approval can only be officially revoked after a 66% majority vote of the OmniLoco board. Once this occurs, you will be removed from the channel.
  • You are Authenticated
    • Your IRC login must be registered with NickServ.
  • You are Trustworthy
    • You respect the privacy of all conversations held in the -dev channel.
  • You are a Good Representative
    • You are polite, honest and respectful in all public and private online discussions related to Tau Labs and OmniLoco.
    • This specifically includes (but is not limited to) your behaviour on RCG and/or OP forums.
  • You are an Active Participant in Tau Labs Development (one or more of)
    • You have committed merge-quality code to Tau Labs within the last 3 months.
    • You have contributed significantly (and constructively) to technical discussions in issues, code reviews or HW design on github, forums, or irc within the last 3 months.
  • You are Not an IRC Bot
    • Freenode's ChanServ bot will be admitted to monitor the channel.
    • The ONLY other permitted bots in the IRC channel are those that are (all of):
      • Run by an OmniLoco board member.
      • Approved by the OmniLoco board.
    • No other bots will be tolerated.
  • Members of the OmniLoco board are given unconditional and irrevocable access to the #taulabs-dev channel for as long as they are members of the board. This policy has been decided by a majority vote, and may be amended (and republished) at any time by a majority vote of the OmniLoco board.
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