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Kaiju Dating Sim is a game that James Palermo and I threw together while we were waiting for our Vive to ship. In it, you play as one of two Kaiju with a local buddy going on a date with each other for a night ON the town. The caveat is you don't speak the same language, so you must communicate with faces. Depending on the mood your kaiju is in, different faces will register with varying degrees of success. Try to find the faces that work well, and become soulmates!


Tap the button for each Kaiju that corresponds to the mood you'd like to be in, then touch the face to open up the menu of emote options. Pick the emote that you want to use then touch the check mark to confirm. After six rounds (three a piece), your final reaction will be given.


Take the .apk file found in the AndroidBuilds folder and put it on any modern android device. Run the .apk file from that device to install the app and open the app to play!