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Jan 03, 2012
Patrick Guiran Check that the username given with -u option is admin on sshGate. Thx…
… Thibaud Raso
Patrick Guiran Enforce checking of unix user and group creation.
When Group was not created, SETUP_UPDATE_PERMISSIONS failed.
thx Thibaud Raso for report
Patrick Guiran First created user is admin and not restricted
Correct a typo mistake in printed help messages
Patrick Guiran add targergroup stuff :
    - You can now add group of target hosts via targetgroup CLI command
    - user, usergroup and target stuff include targetgroup stuff
    - setup upgrade to create targetgroup data structure

    feature added as it has been asked by Thibaud Raso, Jimmy Goffaux.
    Thank to Alter-way for its ideas and help (
Patrick Guiran typo mistake fe3092b
Patrick Guiran update tests, add tests for targetgroup, access, ... e533b16
Feb 16, 2012
Patrick Guiran Update ScriptHelper 985674a
Patrick Guiran bugfix usergroup acess info
Thx Thibaud Raso
Patrick Guiran fix indentation 0e2b0cb
Patrick Guiran indentation f3e5cfa
Feb 17, 2012
Patrick Guiran bugfix usergroup access info
Thx Thibaud Raso
Patrick Guiran - bugfix TARGETGROUP_ADD_TARGET : When adding a target without login,…
… remove all occurency of this target specified with a logni

- bugfix TARGETGROUP_DEL_TARGET : When deleteing a target without specifying a login, delete all occurency of this target
Patrick Guiran bugfix TARGET_DEL - delete the target from targetgroup too
Thx Thibaud Raso
Patrick Guiran Add test case : del a target -> remove that target from all targetgroup 3be64f2
Feb 20, 2012
Patrick Guiran - bugfix check user is admin
- add "debug on" and "debug off" CLI command
Patrick Guiran When adding a target, put in its configuration the default ssh login e922774
- no uneeded-echo
- sort the output
Patrick Guiran esthetic fix 9bf74ac
Patrick Guiran on update, check :
- directories
- unix user / unix group
- sshgate unix home directory
Patrick Guiran - correct comment of TARGETGROUP_LIST_TARGETS
- echo an empty line if there is no target in the group
Patrick Guiran - bugfix TARGETGROUP_DEL_TARGET : work with a temp file
- optimize : make operation only if necesssary
Patrick Guiran - bugfix TARGET_ACCESS_LIST_USERS() (and HAS_ACCESS()), for access th…
…rough targetgroup
Patrick Guiran update test cases 486328b
Patrick Guiran SCP was broken :-( 7ce5fcf
Mar 12, 2012
Patrick Guiran Update ScriptHelper lib 66694d5
Patrick Guiran update ScriptHelper 32705a5
Mar 13, 2012
Patrick Guiran Update SH. bugfix on 1cd7caf
Apr 04, 2012
Patrick Guiran emove unused TARGET_DEL_CONF function ed0b331