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sshGate-server Installation

To install sshGate-server, you need the sshGate-server-<version>.tar.gz tarball.

First, untar the sshGate-server-<version>.tar.gz and got into the created directory :

tauop@Tauopbox:/tmp/example$ tar zxvf sshGate-server-0.2-0.69.tar.gz
tauop@Tauopbox:/tmp/example$ cd sshGate-server-0.2-0.69/

Then, run the script and answer to questions :

tauop@Tauopbox:/tmp/example/sshGate-server-0.2-0.69$ sudo ./

   --- sshGate server installation ---
            by Patrick Guiran

NOTICE: ScriptHelper will be installed as part of sshGate, not system-wide
If you want to install ScriptHelper system-wide, please visit

Where do you want to locate sshGate [/opt/sshgate] ?
Which unix account to use for sshGate users [sshgate] ?
What the default user account to use when connecting to target host [root] ?
List of avariable languages: fr us
Default language for user messages [us] ?
Which editor to use [vim] ?
Activate mail notification system [N] ?
Do users have to accept TOS when connecting for the first time [Y] ?
Allow remote command [Y] ?
Allow remote administration CLI [Y] ?
Configure sudo with NOPASSWD to launch remote admin CLI [Y] ?

- Reload configuration ... OK
- Installing sshGate ... OK
- Generate default sshkey pair ... OK
- Setup files permissions ... OK
- Install archive cron ... OK
- configure /etc/sudoers ... OK

You need to add the first user of sshGate, which will be sshGate administrator.
This user will allow you to manage other users, targets and accesses.
user login ?  pguiran
user mail ?

In order to administrate sshGate, just ssh this host with this user
  If you have installed sshGate client -> sshg cli
  with standard ssh client -> ssh -t sshgate@Tauopbox cli
  from this terminal -> /opt/sshgate/bin/sshgate-cli -u pguiran

NOTICE: You may add /opt/sshgate/bin in your PATH variable


installed components

Here is a description of what the script make on the system. When talking about directories, we use answers given in the example above.

The installation procedure makes those actions on the system :

  • Install sshGate structure and files in in /opt/sshgate/
  • Generate default ssh key pairs for target host
  • Create sshgate unix account
  • Install in /etc/cron.monthly/
  • Configure /etc/sudoers to allow remove CLI administration
  • Create the first sshGate user (which will be admin and not restricted by ACL)

For more information about sshGate-server directories and files structure, please read sshGate-server: Description of directories and files.