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@Tauop Tauop remove prefix 'Server' on all pages Aug 8, 2011 6e17504
@Tauop Tauop Update all images Aug 8, 2011 9f4aa6a
@Tauop Tauop Remove all client-related documentation Aug 8, 2011 5fabce3
Guiran Patrick Merge branch 'master' of Jul 22, 2011 e198ec0
Guiran Patrick translate to english Jul 22, 2011 49001c5
Guiran Patrick rename sshgate_usage to sshgate_recycle Jul 22, 2011 9c20436
@Tauop Tauop Esthetic modification Jul 21, 2011 4c621a3
@Tauop Tauop remove git output + ls command Jul 21, 2011 48c493e
simonc Updated Development environment setup (markdown) Jul 21, 2011 24de709
@Tauop Tauop remove git output Jul 21, 2011 d3ad152
@Tauop Tauop Updated Development environment setup (markdown) Jul 21, 2011 99e9202
@Tauop Tauop update procedure and page layout Jul 21, 2011 aa3f492
Guiran Patrick Merge branch 'master' of Jul 21, 2011 9950d2f
Guiran Patrick Add 'Devel environment setup' documentation Jul 21, 2011 0f89564
Guiran Patrick update model image Jul 21, 2011 f61a842
Guiran Patrick First sshGate user is created at install process Jul 21, 2011 552dcb5
Guiran Patrick Update information on directories and files Jul 19, 2011 c1d9366
Guiran Patrick Update data model Jul 15, 2011 232a7f9
Guiran Patrick Merge branch 'master' of Jul 11, 2011 7e28de2
Guiran Patrick Update documentation: sshgate-bridge and installation Jul 11, 2011 52822fc
Guiran Patrick Merge Jul 4, 2011 3e345b3
Guiran Patrick Rename CGU to TOS Jul 4, 2011 cad424a
Guiran Patrick add new ServerDataFilesFormat page Jul 4, 2011 6d206c0
@jszakmeister jszakmeister Updated Server configuration (markdown) Jun 25, 2011 c07e20d
Guiran Patrick add Server Data Files Format page add Server Internal page add new images May 31, 2011 82da9cb
Guiran Patrick update Home + update ServerConfiguration Mar 31, 2011 42f895a
Guiran Patrick add documention on sshGate server configuration settings Mar 31, 2011 a0a0b07
Guiran Patrick update logs related directories Mar 31, 2011 dae787c
Guiran Patrick Update global schema + put sprites Feb 18, 2011 b9f0064
Guiran Patrick Merge branch 'master' of Nov 4, 2010 950246e
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