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Tax Foundation Brand Assets

Tax Foundation Logo

This repository is a collection of original and ready-to-use branding assets for the Tax Foundation.


These assets are copyrighted by the Tax Foundation.

The Tax Foundation permits the limited fair use of these assets by third parties for the purposes of identifying the Tax Foundation and its work in public discourse. These assets may not be used for commercial or fraudulent purposes.

How to Use

Are you in a rush and not sure which copy of the logo you need? Ask someone on the Marketing Team to help you choose the right logo file for your intended use.

The Tax Foundation logo is a complex design that looks best in large sizes. The logo is typically either a blue fill with transparent background, or white on a blue background.

Choice of logo should depend on intended use. Pre-generated copies of the logo are available for web (see brand-assets/for-web) and for print (see brand-assets/for-print). The for-web directory contains PNG images with both color schemes and in various sizes. The for-print directory contains directory contains Adobe Illustrator (Version CS6) files including both color schemes and two versions of the color blue: one set in CMYK for digital printing, one set in the Pantone 300 U spot color.

The source directory contains the original SVG files from which all other copies of the logo are generated.

Note: Tax Foundation blue

Tax Foundation Blue is Pantone 300 Uncoated. For use in digital printing, we use the CMYK value (100, 42, 0, 0). For use on the web, we use the RGB value (0, 147, 255), or #0094ff in Hex.

Note: Using the Logo on the Web

For special cases when a very small digital instance of the logo is required, the Small and Small Horizontal versions of the logo are available. These versions of the logo have been simplified and redrawn to render well at small scale on screens.

Tax Foundation logo, small horizontal size, blue fill.

Tax Foundation logo, small horizontal size, blue fill.

Tax Foundation logo, smsll size, blue fill.

Tax Foundation logo, smsll size, blue fill.


Collection of brand assets, including logo files, used by the Tax Foundation.



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