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Shaving the Yak

I had some trouble with conflicting libraries(?), so I decided to do a fresh install of the Arduino IDE (OSX)

  1. Delete Arduino IDE from Applications
  2. Backup/delete Arduino folder from Documents
  3. Tried to install new IDE in user Applications, didn't work
  4. Updated Java, didn't work
  5. Moved IDE to top-level Applications, worked
  6. Looks like old board defs are still there, more research required


  1. Install ESP32 Arduino Core
  2. Open Arduino IDE, select Board > Heltec Wifi Kit 32 (or match your hardware)
  3. Install ACROBOTIC SSD1306 Library via IDE library manager
  • Note that included ACROBOTIC 1306 examples do not work out of the box (source)


  1. Sign up for a Matlab account
  2. Sign in to Thinkspeak
  3. Create a new channel
  4. Locate and copy its Write API key and Channel ID
  5. Edit Arduino > ESP32_Thingspeak_OLED to reflect your network's SSID/PW and your Thingspeak channel info