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How to create a Mod

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First Download and extract HLMWadExplorer.

Let's say you might want to replace the tiger mask with a different tiger.

Unmodded HLM 2 Screenshot
  1. Locate the sprite you want to replace
  2. From the Resource menu select Extract to save the original bitmap
  3. Load it into an editor (e.g.
  4. Edit the PNG file in an editor (Make sure to maintain the alpha channel)
  5. From the Resource menu select Replace and select the edited image (Image has to be same size as the Original)
Replace resource Select replacement file
  1. From the File menu select Save to save your mod
  2. Set a useful file name and the game will use this patchwad the next time it starts.
  • On Windows mods have to be placed in Documents\My Games\HotlineMiami2\Mods
  • On OS X mods have to be placed in ~/Library/Application Support/HotlineMiami2/Mods
  • On Linux/SteamOS mods have to be placed in ~/HotlineMiami2/Mods

You can also [bundle](How to bundle a Mod with a Level) .patchwads with levels.

Save Mod Set filename

This how your mod looks ingame:

Modded HLM2 Screenshot