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h1. What is it? This is bunch of Eclipse Virgo plans to enable a fully-fledged osgiliath ESB project

h2. How to use?

First you have to configure your maven settings.xml to mirror the osgiliath nexus ( or install superpom and helpers projects. If you mirror it, please be cool with my 6 years old machine and proxy with your proper Nexus (or even better, clone and push it to m2).

In a second time, configure in this file a maven active profile with the property virgo.path pointing on your root Virgo-jetty installation (3.6.0.RELEASE at the time I'm writing). Add entry javax.persistence.metamodel to the spring orm MANIFEST (on the repository/ext folder).

Finally just run mvn clean install and launch Virgo!

h2. Architecture

You can clone the git project at

It's composed of a parent pom and multiples modules (plans):

  • derby for the database
  • jpa for persistence
  • validation for hibernate validation (with an osgi service)
  • security for spring security
  • messaging with camel for jms and websocket (jms connection is exported)
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