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A personal OpenGL + ImGui framework to support basic rendering and obj and texture loading, with a small file browser etc.
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A simple single-threaded OpenGL framework using ImGui.

For learning more about engine development I started a personal project to create a very basic framework. Currently the framework consists of three managers: a drawmanager, a UI manager and a entity-component system manager. I also added a couple of basic UI elements, like a file browser, a scene inspector etc.

I wrote nearly everything in the framework, including the math library for vector and matrix calculations. The things I didn't write myself are in the external folder. Feel free to use this framework for reference and personal development.

Some interesting features:

  • Inspector window for the Entity Component System.
  • Loading in models and textures from a Content Browser.
  • Swapping out models in entities in runtime.
  • Custom OBJ loader.
  • Custom math library.

Use this for whatever you want, there's no need to credit me. This project is purely meant for educational purposes.

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