Python 3 Wrapper for the BinaryEdge API
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Python 3 Wrapper for the BinaryEdge API See the APIv2 documentation for more information.


To install this tool, it is recommended to use virtual environments.

You can install it directly from pypi with pip install pybinaryedge.

You can Then you can install it directly from sources :

git clone
cd pybinaryedge
pip install .

If you use pipenv, you can run instead :

git clone
cd pybinaryedge
pipenv install

You need to have an account on the Binary Edge platform, create an API key, and configure the CLI tool to use it with binaryedge config --key KEY


Example :

from pybinaryedge import BinaryEdge

be = BinaryEdge(API_KEY)
# Iterate over the first page of IPs having specific ssh configuration
search = 'ssh.algorithms.encryption.keyword:"aes256-cbc" ssh.banner.keyword:"SSH-2.0-OpenSSH_LeadSec"'
for ip in be.host_search(search):
    print('%s': % ip['origin']['ip'])

List of functions implemented :


This library also implements a CLI binaryedge tool :

usage: binaryedge [-h] {config,ip,search,dataleaks} ...

Request BinaryEdge API

positional arguments:
    config              Configure pybinary edge
    ip                  Query an IP address
    search              Search in the database
    dataleaks           Search in the leaks database
    domains             Search information on a domain

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit

Example :

$ binaryedge config --key KEY
$ binaryedge ip -i 149.202.178[.]130
    "events": [
            "port": 27017,
            "results": [
                    "origin": {
                        "country": "sg",
                        "ip": "",
                        "module": "grabber",
                        "ts": 1536782325059,
                        "type": "service-simple"


This code is published under MIT license